Response to the COVID-19 outbreak

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Dear Valued Customer,

I’m writing to you to give you an update on Engen’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the pandemic unfolds, I would like to personally assure you that we have taken immediate and substantial measures to safeguard our employees, sanitize our facilities and our operational vehicles, and to bolster our ability to meet your respective product supply needs.

Please be assured that we are taking the situation extremely seriously and have put significant controls in place to mitigate any possible transmission of the virus amongst our employees and those they come into contact with during their work.

We have also limited our employees' movements and their participation in any events, minimizing domestic travel, restricting international travel and visitors from foreign countries. We continue to sensitize them on how COVID-19 is spread and the personal measures they can take to protect themselves and those around them. We will also support those who need to self-quarantine and have systems in place to facilitate remote working to maintain a high level of business continuity.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and other stakeholders, and the continued resilience of our business to meet customers’ requirements at the highest standards possible, are at the forefront of our thinking and planning.

From a supply perspective, we are consistently engaging with our business partners to ensure we can meet your product needs. We expect no disruption to our product supply capabilities as both our manufacturing facilities are fully operational as well as our product importation ability. We will however, continue to closely monitor developments as they unfold and will keep you informed should there be a need to reassess our supply options where necessary.

As a valued Engen customer, I assure you that we are doing everything in our power to ensure our business remains COVID-19 free and safe for all our employees and customers.

Thank you for your continued support. Please take care as you and your organisation steer through these difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Yusa’ Hassan
Managing Director & CEO