PETRONAS Urania Optimo is a high performance SAE 10W-40, semi-synthetic, heavy duty diesel engine crankcase oil. It is manufactured with outstanding quality base oils and high performance additives which allow excellent low temperature fluidity, optimal thermal stability, very low volatility, constant engine performance and excellent protection of all parts and components.


PETRONAS Urania Optimo is designed for use in the latest generation European and American diesel engines fitted with sophisticated engine control systems and exhaust catalysts to meet current and future emission requirements. It has excellent soot handling characteristics which maintain viscosity control and engine cleanliness throughout extended drain periods even under high soot loading conditions commonly found under Southern African operating conditions. PETRONAS Urania Optimo is also suitable for use in older engines designed to meet Euro 1 and 2 emission requirements as well as European diesel engines fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation units.

Product Company: Engine Crankcase Oil

Target Market: Business Partners, Motorist

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