PETRONAS Syntium 800 is a unique, synthesized SAE 5W/40 "long life" engine lubricant which exceeds all major passenger car engine oil requirements, including the demands of highly stressed turbocharged and all multi-valve units. It is a fully approved BMW "Longlife ‘98" oil as well as being approved by the internationally recognised American Petroleum Institute's Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System, carrying the full "DONUT" approval for API SL/CF performance level. Its excellent high and low temperature characteristics provides excellent wear protection under all operating conditions especially at start up when the most wear occurs in an engine.


PETRONAS Syntium 800 is a prerequisite for all hi-tech cars with extended service intervals or high performance turbo charged engines, especially those fitted with hydraulic tappets. It is designed for use in the latest high performance vehicles operating to their extreme limits. Its unique base oils not only provide exceptional oxidation stability and outstanding engine cleanliness, but also low wear rates and excellent protection of engine components over extended periods. These features are critical for the optimum performance and durability of the lubricant over its whole service life. PETRONAS Syntium 800 can also be used in high performance four stroke motorcycles fitted with wet clutches.

Product Company: Engine Crankcase Oil

Target Market: Business Partners, Motorist

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