PETRONAS Grease PE HS is a special NLGI 1 consistency coupling grease, developed to withstand the exceptional centrifugal forces created by rotating couplings. This smooth and tacky product is specifically formulated to resist the heavy centrifugal forces which can cause the all-important base oil to separate from the soap thickeners and additives. Due to the use of special polyethylene thickeners, with a density closer to that of the base oil, the product is less susceptible to separation. In addition to this special property, the product contains anti-rust, anti-oxidant and extreme pressure additives for good load carrying capacity and corrosion protection.


PETRONAS Grease PE HS is a high tech product suitable for lubrication of flexible couplings in heavy industries at high accelerations and high speeds and heavy loads as in applications found in mining, cement, power plants, steel, paper & pulp and petrochemical industry. Applicable at a wide temperature range, even subject to high loads and shocks, wet environment and vibrations. Lowers maintenance costs and increases equipment life. Continuous operating temperature range from -20°C to +120°C / Short term exposure up to 140°C

Product Company: Grease

Target Market: Business Partners, Motorist

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