Engen Lead Replacement (LRP) petrols are suitable for service in all spark ignition internal combustion engines making use of fuel injection or carburetted systems in motor vehicles, motorcycles, lawn mowers and outboard motors.

LRP is typically used in older vehicles with softer valve seats, which requires protection to prevent valve seat recession. It is recommended that LRP should not be used in late model vehicles fitted with advanced exhaust emission control systems as this can negatively affect the performance of these units.

The benefits of Engen LRP

• Quick and easy starting (fast warm up and rapid acceleration)
• Freedom from vapour lock
• Maximum power and economy
• Reduced combustion chamber deposits
• No corrosive wear
• Maximum engine durability and reliability

• Outstanding anti-knock resistance
• Excellent intake manifold, carburetor system and fuel injection component cleanliness
• Long storage stability
• Smoother running engine