In the past, motorists had to choose between petrol brands that promised performance and petrol brands that promised economy. Now, Engen Primax Unleaded brings both benefits together in one advanced fuel.

Engen Primax Unleaded is the most intelligent unleaded fuel currently available. It adapts to the way you drive, providing performance when you want it and fuel economy when you need it. The technologically advanced additive pack also includes a new generation detergent that cleans and improves engines.

An organic combustion improver causes a more complete combustion of the fuel. More energy is released, increasing the effectiveness of the engine and resulting in improved performance.

The new friction modifier in Engen Primax Unleaded reduces friction in the engine and improves lubricity to ensure energy-efficiency for even better fuel economy.

Using new generation detergency technology, the fuel not only keeps engines clean, it also helps to remove built-up deposits. The new technology is specially designed for new engines that operate at higher temperatures, but also offers improved cleanliness for older vehicles.

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