PETROL - Pump price

Date Coastal Inland
95 EPU/LRP Change 93 EPU/LRP Change 95 EPU* Change
03 December 2014 R12.06 669c R12.29 645c R12.47 669c
05 November 2014 R12.75 645c R12.98 645c R13.16 645c
01 October 2014 R13.20 65c R13.43 52c R13.61 65c
03 September 2014 R13.25 667c R13.41 667c R13.66 667c
06 August 2014 R13.92 0c R14.08 0c R14.33 0c
02 July 2014 R13.92 531c R14.08 529c R14.33 529c
04 June 2014 R13.61 622c R13.79 622c R14.02 622c
07 May 2014 R13.83 615c R14.04 615c R14.24 615c
02 April 2014 R13.98 53c R14.16 55c R14.39 57c
05 March 2014 R13.95 536c R14.11 536c R14.32 536c
05 February 2014 R13.59 539c R13.75 538c R13.96 538c
01 January 2014 R13.20 538c R13.36 538c R13.57 538c

DIESEL - List price

Date Coastal Inland
0.05% Sulphur 0.005% Sulphur 0.05% Sulphur 0.005% Sulphur
03 December 2014 1101.49c 1106.89c 1132.09c 1137.49c
05 November 2014 1154.79c 1161.19c 1185.39c 1191.79c
01 October 2014 1215.79c 1221.19c 1246.39c 1251.79c
03 September 2014 1259.39c 1264.79c 1228.79c 1234.19c
06 August 2014 1254.17c 1258.57c 1284.77c 1289.17c
02 July 2014 1259.79c 1263.19c 1290.39c 1293.79c
04 June 2014 1245.79c 1249.19c 1276.39c 1279.79c
07 May 2014 1269.37c 1274.77c 1299.97c 1305.37c
02 April 2014 1299.15c 1304.55c 1329.75c 1335.15c
05 March 2014 1311.95c 1316.35c 1338.55c 1342.95c
05 February 2014 1284.75c 1288.15c 1311.35c 1314.75c
01 January 2014 1260.55c 1263.95c 1287.15c 1290.55c

All prices indicated are per litre.

These tables are a guideline and are not representative of all the zones in South Africa.
  COASTAL: This table represents the large coastal ports
  INLAND: This table represents the major Gauteng area
Price changes are due to movement in crude oil prices, international product prices and the rand/dollar exchange rates.

* Only available at selected inland sites. Click here for a list of inland sites selling Dynamic Unleaded 95.

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