Engen Multipurpose Antifreeze is a nitrite-, amine-, silicate-, borate- and phosphate-free engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol. 


Engen Multipurpose Antifreeze is designed for the DIY enthusiast and it gives the end user the choice of dilution ratios. The degree of protection will depend on the concentration used. The following dilutions are recommended. 1 litre of water to 1 litre of antifreeze protects down to -37 °C and 2 litres of water to 1 litre of antifreeze protects down to -18 °C. For best protection against rust and corrosion, do not use more than 2 litres of water for every 1 litre of Antifreeze. It is strongly recommended that the cooling system be drained completely and flushed with clean water before being filled with a fresh charge of antifreeze mixture.

Warning: Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children.

Product Company: Utility Product

Target Market: Business Partners, Motorist

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