Proof of performance drives Engen’s motorsport sponsorship. As a marketer of refined petrochemicals, motorsport remains the most natural ‘Brand’ sponsorship for Engen.

Engen Volkswagen Cup

A single-make championship, the Engen Volkswagen Cup is an action-packed racing formula that never ceases to thrill spectators. It pits cars that are technically compatible against one another. This means that extra thrill is generated as driver skill is paramount and largely determines the winner.

Engen’s sponsorship of the formula sees our technologically advanced fuel (Engen Primax Unleaded) power every competitor. The formula also offers various subsidised parts and sponsorship support, and travel and start assistance from Volkswagen South Africa.

All competitors between the ages of 15 and 27 are encouraged to enter this exciting formula. Please note that in order to race in this exciting series, a competitor must be a member of the Engen Volkswagen Cup Association, and hold a National Racing Licence.

Engen Xtreme Team

Engen partners with the Terry Moss Racing Team in the Global Touring Car (GTC) championship. Production Car racing is an exceptionally tough test of performance and endurance, placing extraordinary stress and pressure on the vehicle under extreme conditions, which sees Engen’s advanced Primax Unleaded fuel and Xtreme Lubricants perform at their optimum.

Engen Xtreme Racing is represented by drivers Michael Stephen and Simon Moss in the GTC championship. Stephen is three-time national champion having won the now defunct National Production Car series in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Stephen and Moss compete in Audi A3 2.0 motor vehicles.

Engen (and previously through its predecessor – Mobil) has a long association with motorsport, dating back some 27 years. Our first inroad was as a supplier sponsor to the Audi factory teams then sponsored by Minolta Copiers and Rothmans. Our first association with Engen as the title sponsor was in 1996 when we partnered with Audi in the then SA Touring Car formula. The drivers then were Terry Moss and Chris Aberdien. In 1997 Terry formed a development team in the Polo Cup formula, which we also sponsored. It was here that a young driver named Tschops Sipuka was discovered. Through Terry’s guidance Tschops went on to become South Africa's first motorsport national champion to hail from a previously disadvantaged background.

Terry retired from competitive racing in 2001 with the demise of the Touring Car formula. Engen came back into top end saloon car racing with the birth of the Production Car formula. Terry Moss through Terry Moss Racing then became the team principal on all our programmes, which at the time included Karting, a VW Polo Cup team and the Audi Xtreme Team. Terry Moss Racing is arguably the most successful motorracing team in the country and boasts numerous National champions across various categories.